Best Man Duties - Best Mans Guide: Know Your Responsibilities And How to Give A Great Speech

Learn the duties of the best man and how to give a great speech!

Best Mans Guide contains everything you need to know about being the best man and giving a fantastic speech everyone will enjoy.

Best Mans Guide

Best Mans Guide
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Right now it feels like I am flying out to weddings at least once a month and this book has helped me out tremendously! A lot of what is written is the kind of thing that makes total sense once you read it, but for some reason those little ideas and helpful tips had never occurred to me before. I highly recommend.

- Mike Jones


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The best man is a great honor with many responsibilities

Chris Dreyer here,

If you have ever been to a wedding, you already know how common it is for a best man to be bad at his job. He might be the guy who shows up late, tells an inappropriate story during the toast or he might even spend his time trying to convince the groom that marriage is a bad idea. While these men give best men everywhere a bad name, they do so because they have no idea about the responsibilities that have traditionally been required of the position. In an age of wedding planners and overprotective parents, the role of the best man has been reduced to something of a side note.

That is why it is so very important to make sure that you can stand out from the crowd and be a great best man. A best man is meant to be more than just the guy standing up front — he is meant to be an important part of the wedding, the person that keeps the groomsmen in line and helps the groom with everything that he might need. In a perfect world, a great deal of responsibility would be lifted from the bride and groom and placed upon the shoulders of the best man. In today’s environment, though, you can still do a great deal to help — but only if you know what the duties of a best man are.

You Are Not Alone

Fortunately, you are not the only man trying his best to be an effective best man. There are countless men out there trying to succeed without a great deal of guidance, some of whom fail and some who become quite successful. The real problem, though, is that same lack of guidance — why has someone not taken the time to write a book that can let best men know what will really be expected of them on the day of the wedding? Since no one else seemed to be willing to take the time to craft a useful manual for best men, I decided that I would put something together.

The book is not flashy, and it does not have a huge number of tips on etiquette. What it does have, though, is practical advice that will teach you how to be the best at your job as a best man. If you are willing to really concentrate on your duties and follow the advice in the book, you can have a positive impact on all aspects of the ceremony.

The Best Mans Guide

The Guide is actually broken up into a few basic chapters, which follow the timeline of a wedding. If you can follow each chapter step-by-step, you will have a great chance of being able to impress your friend and to get your work done. The chapters contain every bit of information on best man duties so you have what you need to succeed. The road map to success is as follows:

1. Before the Wedding — In this chapter, you will learn about the basic first steps that every best man should take. Not only will you learn about planning the bachelor party and working with the groomsmen, but you will get the tips you need to organize your part of the wedding.

2. The Run Up — If you want to know about getting limos, keeping the groom from doing anything stupid or what you should do at the reception, this is the chapter for you. This chapter will allow you to better plan for the crucial twenty-four hours before the wedding.

3. The Event — In this chapter, you will learn how to deal with the ring, calm down a groom and make sure that the groomsmen do their jobs. This is often one of the hardest parts of being a best man, and the information inside will help you.

4. The Reception — Learning how to be host, dance and keep things moving will be your job in this chapter. If you want to stay on top of the reception, you will need this chapter.

5. The Speech — Finally, there are several tips for giving a best man’s speech. From knowing your audience to remembering the bride, everything you need is in this chapter.

Best Mans Guide
Purchase “Best Mans Guide” today.
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Full of Information, But Easy to Read

It might look like it takes quite a bit to be a best man, but the information contained within the guide is meant to help you to accomplish your goals simply and without a great deal of stress. It is incredibly easy to be a great man, so long as you follow all the rules and make sure that you take your job seriously. If you are willing to go above and beyond in your role, you can help to cement your friendship and will be able to make sure that your friend’s wedding day goes off without a hitch.

If you choose to pursue a path to be the ultimate best man, you will be following a tradition that has been handed down through the ages. You may not have to do a lot of work, but everything that you choose to do will be important. You may not be able to influence much about the wedding, but following the guide will help you to make sure that you contribute in a way that is meaningful and actually helpful.

Best Mans Guide
Purchase “Best Mans Guide” today.
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